Neighbourhood Walk Part 4: Kings Park

The rains are late this year, which probably means we're in for more drought and water restrictions in the coming twelve months. If it doesn't start raining by Easter, it is usually an indication that we're in trouble. I am actually happy that I am old enough to remember the seasons as they used to be before climate change, the way water used to fall from the sky for days on end and the dams would overflow. :0)

The weather has been a steady 28 deg C for weeks, so I thought I might take a little walk to Kings Park and post some pics for buddies in the UK and US. (The last time I did a Neighbourhood Walk post was October 12th last year, with photos of Cottesloe Beach). If you were ever to come and visit, this park would be our first port of call. It is about ten minutes from where I live and is a much loved, 1000 acre natural beauty spot right in the centre of Perth, on a hill overlooking the Swan River. We are so fortunate that the government had the foresight to set this bushland aside roughly 100 years ago for the public's enjoyment. The Board has done wonders over the years with the Botanic Garden and supporting research into native flora. If you would like to read more about it you can go to the website. When Spring comes (September/October), I will post some more pics of the wildflowers which are sensational!,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

So here we go:

The avenues of trees that you can see are all dedicated to soldiers lost in WWI. Each man has his own tree. A beautiful memorial to them, isn't it?

Et corde et genibus tremit

I recently ordered the catalogue of an exhibition I saw at the Royal Academy a couple of years ago, and it arrived in the post the day before my birthday. There was huge excitement, especially since I had had a ghastly day and very much needed to be reminded of the beauty in life. Citizens and Kings: Portraits in the Age of Revolution 1760-1830 was a stunning collection of portraiture, predominantly French and English painters including Reynolds, Vigee-Lebrun, David, Raeburn and Ingres *falls to floor in grovelling obeisance*. I had wandered around the Academy feeling like I had entered the presence of God, especially when I came across the Ingres - words just fail me.

I had already shed tears in the National Gallery in front of the Goyas and didn't want to embarrass myself any further but this undid me completely. I stood in front of him for an good half an hour and kept coming back. I have scanned him for you to enjoy. Keep clicking until you have a close up of his face.

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Happy Birthday ainsoph15!!!

Happy Birthday Possum!!!!!  Hope you have a fabulous day!  Thought I'd share some old lady pirate porn with you...

It's hard to believe but Errol and Baz used to do it for me LOL!

Lots of love


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Happy Birthday pele_incognita!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Here is a little Dougie Fairbanks to start it off...

(click on his sublimeness again and again)

Lots of love and hugs


Simone de Beauvoir

Tempori cedere habetur sapientis

Gradually emerging from the undertow and feeling a bit cheerier. The older you get, the slower you are at adapting to change and it has taken me some time to orient myself in the ever-shifting work environment with its non-stop demands.  The vision of life is balancing up again, thank goodness.
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Ellen at 16

On a happier note...

I get very encouraged when women take a stand on an issue. I am surprised that we are still (30 years later) having to state the obvious, but am glad people in the press are willing to keep it up.  Thanks to Liz Jones of the Sunday Times.
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Paris it ain't...

The trip to UK, Paris and the Basque Country has had to be postponed and I am sulking. Big, mopey, bottom lip-quivering sulking. Reasons I am not going are: the shoulder is playing up, I don't have enough leave left to go away in March and the car finally packed it in so I had to use my travel budget on a new one. Instead of being grateful that I had enough cash, I am grieving the loss of Paris and this heap...

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Young Lieutenant

Miserere nobis

Over two hundred people gone including children and little babies; countless thousands of head of cattle, sheep and horses; thousands of pets; an estimated one million native animals; hundreds of thousands of acres of bush and pasture; hundreds of homes - you just can't wrap your head around the horror of what has happened.

In this miserable time you think about people's and animal's last moments and pray that they fainted before the fire hit them.   

But there is this:

Firefighter Dave Tree giving a little mate a drink. "How much can a koala bear?"

Animal rescue at work.