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Coo-ee! Eden calling...

Well, it is a beautiful day here in Oz and I am happy to report we're all still here -  I think. It's Sunday morning, so the normal suburban quiet could be hiding a few missing persons. One of our best loved Australian actors, Bill Hunter died yesterday, so he is definitely IN. The rest of us in Perth woke to a brilliant blue sky, soft autumn sun and that lovely feeling that the day is our own. I went out into the backyard and was greeted by the sight of a mandarin tree laden with bright orange fruit, an exquisite moth trying its best to camouflage itself on the washing, a spider spinning a breakfast bee into a little bundle - all colours vivid and bursting with life. We have had rain at last, so the green hits your eye like a heavenly revelation. :0)

My heart goes out to those people whose lives have been darkened by the vision of a vengeful, exclusive god. It must make each day pretty fraught. It must take your focus away from loving humankind and making the world a better place. If your mind is fixated on the next world (where you're going as one of the elect) it is so easy to say bugger this one. A great excuse to let the planet die. To frighten people. To make a complete egotistical ninny of yourself.

So today I will potter in the garden and count my blessings...say a word of thanks to whatever created, sustains and imbues this world with its immense life force, think about the poor bastards who are caught up in their own dismal construct and have a fabulous weekend. 
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