megwolff (megwolff) wrote,

Etiamsi tacent, satis dicunt

An incredibly courageous Fort Worth (USA) councilman has made a heartfelt speech to young people, their families and schools in an attempt to stop the bullying and consequent suicide of gay and lesbian teens. The video of his speech has been reported on a number of news sites and is available on youtube. It is a beautiful tribute to the young people who have died, and encourages those who are suffering to hang on to life - that it gets better. He shows through his own example as a gay man that you can live to experience happiness if you just stick around to see it.

I am so grateful for his courage and compassion, and I hope that many young people, the bullies and the bullied, get to see it.

Most of the people on my friends list will have seen it by now, but if you haven't, please go and see Joel's speech here:

Let me know if there is any difficulty with the link and I will help sort it out for you.

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