megwolff (megwolff) wrote,

Writer's Block: Not Even If You Paid Me

What do you think is the worst job?
To me, the worst job in the world would be to be a woman in countries where you can be:
  • bought and/or sold;
  • forced to marry a stranger;
  • raped and then punished for it, sometimes with your life, instead of the perpetrator(s);
  • disallowed most of your human rights (education especially) and the right to own property, vote or have the right to contraception;
  • forced to the margins of society because your husband has died; and...

The very worst? To be forced to try and raise children in the middle of a war - one that has destroyed your country's sense of decency, logic and values. Where madmen are intent on unceasing, violent destruction until nothing remains. Where food crops are burned and humanitarian aid is stolen.

Nothing compares to this. Nothing at all.
Tags: bad jobs, writer's block
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