Yahoo Boo Sucks

Dear All,

My Yahoo email account has been hacked. I can no longer even access the Yahoo homepage to try and get help or report the problem. Searched internet and found that it has happened to hundreds of others.

I apologise if you have received unwanted messages with dangerous links in them. I can't stop it. As always, don't click on the link, you will end up like me if you do.

Maybe someone will get through to Yahoo and make them sort it out.
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Coo-ee! Eden calling...

Well, it is a beautiful day here in Oz and I am happy to report we're all still here -  I think. It's Sunday morning, so the normal suburban quiet could be hiding a few missing persons. One of our best loved Australian actors, Bill Hunter died yesterday, so he is definitely IN. The rest of us in Perth woke to a brilliant blue sky, soft autumn sun and that lovely feeling that the day is our own. I went out into the backyard and was greeted by the sight of a mandarin tree laden with bright orange fruit, an exquisite moth trying its best to camouflage itself on the washing, a spider spinning a breakfast bee into a little bundle - all colours vivid and bursting with life. We have had rain at last, so the green hits your eye like a heavenly revelation. :0)

My heart goes out to those people whose lives have been darkened by the vision of a vengeful, exclusive god. It must make each day pretty fraught. It must take your focus away from loving humankind and making the world a better place. If your mind is fixated on the next world (where you're going as one of the elect) it is so easy to say bugger this one. A great excuse to let the planet die. To frighten people. To make a complete egotistical ninny of yourself.

So today I will potter in the garden and count my blessings...say a word of thanks to whatever created, sustains and imbues this world with its immense life force, think about the poor bastards who are caught up in their own dismal construct and have a fabulous weekend. 
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Sitque memor nostri necne, referte mihi.

Quilts have a language and culture of their own. They are so rich in meaning for those who make them and those who receive them. They tell stories, express emotion, provide an outlet for hidden artistic talents, and to many represent the connectedness of family and friends.

My older sister and I are the sole survivors of my family of origin. My parents and brother died relatively young, then my sister left home to live on the other side of the country for her husband's work.

We have had to live separate lives but remain very close. She is one of the most wonderful people I know and our early, strong relationship has led me to put a high value on all my friendships with women. 

I visited her recently in Sydney to celebrate her 60th birthday. In between cups of tea and much chat I enjoyed looking at her beautiful, hand quilted creations. She secretly took note and and then set about making this for me for my birthday. 
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Volo uti mihi respondeas

The world is so filled with sadness at the moment, I thought I would post something peaceful. I was lucky enough to visit my friends in Albany recently and they took me out to visit a rather wonderful friend of theirs who lives in Denmark, a town about 400ks south of Perth.

Professor P. is a botanist and ardent conservationist who has restored the forest on his property and has made kilometres of walkway through it with a shovel, secateurs and a lot of perserverance. He is a marvellous example of someone who simply doesn't retire. At 79, he has the boundless energy of a 25 year old, sharing his encyclopaedic knowledge of native animals and plants with visitors on a regular basis.

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Etiamsi tacent, satis dicunt

An incredibly courageous Fort Worth (USA) councilman has made a heartfelt speech to young people, their families and schools in an attempt to stop the bullying and consequent suicide of gay and lesbian teens. The video of his speech has been reported on a number of news sites and is available on youtube. It is a beautiful tribute to the young people who have died, and encourages those who are suffering to hang on to life - that it gets better. He shows through his own example as a gay man that you can live to experience happiness if you just stick around to see it.

I am so grateful for his courage and compassion, and I hope that many young people, the bullies and the bullied, get to see it.

Most of the people on my friends list will have seen it by now, but if you haven't, please go and see Joel's speech here:

Let me know if there is any difficulty with the link and I will help sort it out for you.


Qui non est hodie cras minus aptus erit

Have just returned from a wonderful 3 hour walk in the Winter sunshine. I nosed around the park, looking for a spot of colour to photograph. At this time of year, native flora are fairly dormant. The banksias are finishing, gum flowers have gone but there are still one or two species that put on a show, particularly the wattle.

These are especially for britalone  and pele_incognita , who have both been through the wars lately. I am thinking of you both and hoping you feel better soon. (Click on these twice to see them full size).

Golden wattle with a little visitor.
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Writer's Block: Not Even If You Paid Me

What do you think is the worst job?
To me, the worst job in the world would be to be a woman in countries where you can be:
  • bought and/or sold;
  • forced to marry a stranger;
  • raped and then punished for it, sometimes with your life, instead of the perpetrator(s);
  • disallowed most of your human rights (education especially) and the right to own property, vote or have the right to contraception;
  • forced to the margins of society because your husband has died; and...

The very worst? To be forced to try and raise children in the middle of a war - one that has destroyed your country's sense of decency, logic and values. Where madmen are intent on unceasing, violent destruction until nothing remains. Where food crops are burned and humanitarian aid is stolen.

Nothing compares to this. Nothing at all.